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Pecan Pie Tarts

Raw Pecan Pie Mini Tarts

December 22, 2014

Core Plan, makes 18 mini tarts (raw, vegan) The great sticky-sweetness of pecan pie, without the nasty sugar crash expected to accompany the traditional favorite. With no bake time required, these are a breeze to make and even easier to enjoy. Make sure you make enough to share! Ingredients Crust 1 3/4 cup walnuts 3 medjool dates, […]

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Are You Prone for the Flu? This Holiday Treat Increases your Risk.

December 21, 2014

Research indicates the function of your immune system is damaged almost immediately after the consumption of sugar.  Sugar is present in foods you may not even suspect.  Products such as ketchup, lunch meats, breads and your favorite fruit juices are laced with this deadly substance. The sugar in one can of soda can be enough to suppress […]

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holiday health tips

Avoid Poor Health Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

December 20, 2014

Stay Healthy for the Holidays Many people go into the holidays with the best of intentions to stay healthy—or at least be reasonable. Unfortunately, desserts and fatty, processed foods interfere with plans to eat healthy during the holidays. When you combine what has become the traditional holiday junk food menu with freezing temperatures, the focus on fitness […]

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