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artificial sweetners

Sweet Danger Lurking On Store Shelves

November 21, 2014

By Dr. Shane Taffe In our never ending quest to prevent disease and build health in our lives, an eminent battle takes place nearly every day from an unsuspecting foe: your local grocery store.  That’s right, your grocery store has become a battlefield littered with deadly mines of health threatening consequences.  Some of the players […]

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Gluten: A “Cereal” Killer

November 20, 2014

  Gluten and gluten-free diets have become more popular among people and now experts as well. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley, rye and is added to many processed foods. (1)  It is a common contributing factor to weight gain, toxicity, inflammation and allergic reactions. Gluten-free products are now considered big business […]

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Healthy Chicken Fingers

November 19, 2014

Kids love chicken nuggets and chicken tenders, but the kind you buy frozen or get at a restaurant are unhealthy and even dangerous. Some brands on the market that are better than others and may be made with organic chicken, but they’re still typically breaded with wheat breadcrumbs. Many of the “healthy”, grain-free/gluten-free recipes result in a […]

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