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Kimberly Roberto

Trick or Treat? Healthy And Safe Treats For Halloween

October 25, 2014

So the question is, what are you giving out this Halloween? Watch as Kimberly Roberto shares some alternatives to giving out candy. With “Trick or Treat” night just around the corner and stores filled with colorfully wrapped fun-looking and tempting treats, how do you resist the constant invitation to partake of it all? And don’t […]

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family eating out

How to Eat Out without Compromising Your Nutrition Plan

October 24, 2014

  Restaurants Shouldn’t Ruin Your Nutrition Plans Next time you’re taking the family out to dinner, employ these super simple tips, hints and tricks to ensure you get the best food for your buck. These options are especially helpful if you are on the Advanced Plans. Don’t Let the Menu Decide for You. Plan what you are going […]

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Nutrition For Weight Loss

October 23, 2014

Make this your best year yet! The authors of the best selling Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book, Dr. BJ Hardick and Kimberly Roberto discuss how the Maximized Living Nutrition System is easy, effective and sustainable for your entire family! Discover the 5 rules of accelerated weight loss. Learn the diet and disease myths that will transform your […]

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