Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle

The 5 Essentials relies on cutting edge sports science to give you the same tools used by the world’s best athletes, including the patented MaxT3 system. This unique program was designed to optimize hormonal and energy systems with exercises designed for multi-joint, compound whole-body movement.

  • Diverse MaxT3 (time, tempo, and type) exercises build all different types of muscle groups while maximizing oxygen
  • Programs are designed to trigger specific natural hormone response, empowering natural metabolic conditioning
  • Exercises are built for maximum results in shorter periods of times than traditional workouts

The T3 Advantage

MaxT3 isn’t just another exercise program designed to sell gym memberships. MaxT3 is a scientifically-based, carefully designed workout program designed to help your body lose weight, gain strength, and rebalance body systems and natural hormone levels. Research shows that while any exercise is good, there are many cons to traditional types of exercise.

By focusing on shorter, high tempo workouts using the most natural multi-joint type of movements, you can get all of the pros of exercise without the cons.

Shorter, more intense intervals make the most difference in helping your body’s physiology improve. So while you have to push yourself to get that heart rate up quickly, it’s only for brief periods of time. While studies suggest a diminishing rate of return on slow, prolonged exercise like running for hours on a treadmill – MaxT3 is built for repetition and intensity that can reduce fat and increase oxygen along the way.

These workouts can be done in as little as twelve minutes. The MaxT3 program developed by Maximized Living is simple-to-follow and effective – you just supply the time and commitment.

Increase Oxygen

High levels of oxygen create a happy home for the good cells and an unwelcome destination for bad cells, including cancer. By varying the 3 Ts, you maximize your ability to take in oxygen, store it, circulate it, and use it for well-being.

Join a Community of Champions

MaxT3 is designed to fit your level of fitness and ambition. It works for everybody and every level.

  • Basic gives you first steps towards a life of sustained exercise and fitness
  • Timecrunched helps you work out when you have more drive than time
  • Vintage helps you find a level of fitness that can transform your life

Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a grandparent, pregnant, or a kid just getting into fitness, we have a plan for you. Let a supportive Maximized Living team, backed by the latest science, get you started.

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