Maximized Mind

The road to a well-being starts with understanding the principles of health and healing. When you look at the state of healthcare in our world today, clearly our philosophy has not been working out. It has not been working out at all.

The World Health Organization has stated, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Yet, most people and the medical community would say they were healthy when they simply do not have pain, ills, or symptoms of “disease or infirmity.” There are many limitations and inherent dangers to this way of thinking.

If someone believes health is only about feeling good, then what do they do to get well when they feel bad? They take a drug or have a surgery and then assume they’re healthy.

This viewpoint of health has become an unfortunate epidemic in our society.

While valuable in the case of a crisis or emergency, you obviously do not automatically become healthy when a drug or surgery reduces your symptoms. In fact, we now know that the side effects may make you even sicker and ultimately worse off.

The Symptom is the Alarm, Not the Fire

Symptoms are like fire alarms going off in your body. When a fire alarm goes off in your house, it’s telling you there’s something much more dangerous going on that needs to be addressed. The problem isn’t the alarm, it’s the fire! Symptoms and health conditions are the alarm.

Symptoms are the body screaming out that it is in need of help. Ignoring them or utilizing medicines to shut them up would be like taking the batteries out of your fire alarm. With no more warnings, what will happen to your house?

Your body is actually designed to be well and maintain wellness when functioning right. However, problems like trauma, poor lifestyle, and/or issues with your spine and nervous system can interfere with normal function and move you away from optimal physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

The start of your journey to a maximized life is the realization that you’ve been given a powerful gift. Your health is your most important resource, and it’s critical you do everything you can to help the body fight disease and illness naturally. This is truth in healthcare.

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