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Unlocking the Life We Were Created For

leaderskitThe Winning My Race program, based on the book of the same name, is an inspirational and practical plan for answering God’s calling for you and your congregation, as you look for proven, natural methods of optimizing your life in pursuit of the full potential of God’s purpose. Written by New York Times best-selling author Dr. Ben Lerner, this program covers the essential steps to treating your body as God’s temple. Winning My Race inspires you to get in the best shape of your life and win your race. Winning My Race will provide churches and their congregations with the motivation, inspiration, and practical guidance necessary to revolutionize their health.

How It Works

Whether you have a congregation of 10 or a congregation of 10,000, this program will work for you.

A Maximized Living doctor will set up an interactive 1 to 3 hour event. Participants will discuss how The 5 Essentials gives you a plan to treat your body as God’s temple. Topics include nutrition, fitness, toxicity, and how to put a lifestyle plan together to make it more simple and easy to do.

The doctor will then organize a four-week life group. This is a 28 day challenge designed to kick-start the program and get your congregation engaged and educated. You will receive all of the advice, participant guides, videos, and online support necessary to start building and maintaining healthier habits. The doctor will organize and host three Core Workshops to address key health areas throughout the year.

God has designed our bodies carefully, giving us the natural ability to overcome disease and unlock peak performance. Winning My Race is a practical plan for moving from resolve to results, creating stronger church community bonds along the way.

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