Essential 5: Minimized Toxins

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4 Toxins to Ditch in Personal Care Products

There is something about fragrances that make us and our dwelling spaces feel fresh and clean, but products that contain fragrances may be stressing your body and opening the...
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How to Gain Weight on Your Diet

I may have more compassion and understanding of people who struggle with their weight and their diet than anyone else on the planet. I’ve dealt with it literally all...

Soy: A Super-food or hazardous poison?

Soy can cause a whole host of health problems. Learn about the dangers of soy and why you should eliminate it from your diet in our article, below. Once...

Heart Talk | Dangers Of Cholesterol Drugs

What is cholesterol and how can you deal with high cholesterol levels safely? Below we dig into this important issue and offer recommendations for your long-term health. Cholesterol-lowering statin...

How Safe Is Your Sunscreen?

Sunscreens can be harmful to your health. Learn about the toxic ingredients in your favorite sunscreens so you can make better choices when shopping for sun protection. Sunscreens are products...
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Does Spring Equal Allergies?

Don’t let seasonal allergies get you down. Learn what you can do to overcome allergies safely and permanently. It’s April and spring is almost upon us.  For many people, that...

Attack Migraines Without Medication

Do migraine headaches prevent you from doing things you love? If so, learn how Maximized Living can help you overcome the pain of these headaches and get back to...
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