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CANCER KILLERS: Do You Dye Your Hair?

Do you dye your hair? Perm your hair? Work with these solutions? Or know someone who does? Read to find out why your risk of Cancer is much GREATER!...

Medication – the Number-One Cause of Toxicity

Healthy lifestyles are the biggest threat to the growth and expansion of the drug industry. A recent Forbes magazine cover article, “Pharma’s New Enemy: Clean Living,” thoroughly addressed this...

Toxicity: An Unavoidable Reality

The Very Visible Results of Unseen Health Hazards How do you escape all the toxins in the air, in the water, on public buses and airplanes, in your car,...

7 Diet Myths vs. Un-Diet Truths

Myth #1: Diet=Deprivation. Un–Diet Truth: The Un-Diet is not about eating only bland, tasteless foods, restricting portions, or cutting calories. In fact, if you follow the Body by God...

CANCER KILLERS: Everything is Pink!

Everything is Pink! – from shoes, shirts, hats, purses and even grade school kids uniforms playing on the football field! Why has billions and possibly TRILLIONS of dollars been...

The Stress of Distraction

Too Much Information The pressures of job, family, finances, relationships, guilt and grief are just the start of our stress. Each of those are immediate causes of stress. Our...
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