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Maximized Living books are created to give you support where and when you need it most. Whether it’s part of your spinal care plan or a renewed commitment to physical fitness, our books and DVD feed your mind with the latest and greatest on spinal care, sports performance, diet, daily detoxification, and so much more.

One Minute Wellness: The Natural Health & Happiness System That Never Fails

OneMinWell-284x432No more dependence on cold medicines, prescription pills, and anti-depressants. With One-Minute Wellness, you will revitalize every area of your well-being. The bonus fiction story uniquely illustrates the authors’ strategies at work in ordinary lives. A terrific motivator as you optimize your own life.

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Cruise Ship or Nursing Home

cruiseship-287x432Cruise Ship or Nursing Home – From the authors of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon #1 Best Selling Book, One Minute Wellness. A staggering 98 percent of all disease is due all or in part to lifestyle- not genetics! That means that every day you are making a decision about how you will spend the last of your days. Will it be broken down in a nursing home, or finishing strong, vital, and vibrant on a cruise ship? If you’re ready to take action toward becoming healthier and happier, we’re ready to help! Achieving lasting change comes down to 20 percent information and 80 percent behavior! This fast-paced, life-changing resource not only reveals the secrets of health, it exposes the lies about health that are literally killing us. But more than simply information, this program shows you how to cooperate with your design and translate intentions into actions. It’s more than a “how to” book; it’s a “how to do it” book! The doctors who developed this program see thousands of patients every week, and they are part of an international team of Maximized Living doctors that see hundreds of thousands of patients every week. They know what works and what doesn’t, and this program works!

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The Cancer Killers

cancer-killers-287x432Discover the method and mindset to not just prevent it or survive it, but to kill it.

Step-by-step suggestions for those diagnosed with cancer who recognize that the medical approach is far from a foolproof plan to get well.

Learn critical nutrition, fitness and detoxification advice essential to confront any and all diseases in the “modern” world.

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Maximized Metabolix

Maximized Metabolix

NY Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author Dr. Ben Lerner with contributions from experts in field of nutrition.

The evidence is in: Lose weight, Get healthy, Defy aging.

  • Maximize your metabolism
  • Choose a diet specific to your needs
  • Reduce the factors that speed up aging: inflammation, oxidation, and AGEs
  • Switch from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner
  • Special appendices for athletes, pregnancy, children’s nutrition, and choosing the right supplementation program
  • Dozens of tools that make eating well, easy

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ML Nutrition Plan book

MLNutrition-1Maximized Living Nutrition Plans is The Solution to the Dangers of Modern Nutrition

The typical North American diet is not working, as seen by the skyrocketing levels of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. New research demonstrates that these conditions are mostly preventable, and even reversible, by a change of lifestyle. This book not only explains the science, but also has all of the resources, tools, and recipes you will need to make that change.

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Winning My Race

winningmyrace-286x432A guide to help you fulfil your God given potential with an invitation to embrace God’s “big why” for your life and your roadmap to complete it!

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Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living

Body By GodYour body is by God. God preprogrammed you to look great, have outrageous health, and experience incredible happiness. In the human body, God created a perfect design, equipped with all the organs, tissues, and cells necessary for health, production, and reproduction. The problem, asserts Dr. Ben Lerner, is when we as humans interfere with God’s design for our bodies. Junk food, high-stress living, and neglecting exercise are just a few of the things we do to hinder our bodies’ performance.

In Body by God, Dr. Lerner offers a comprehensive plan for getting in touch with our bodies in four areas: nutrition, exercise, stress management, and time management. His “5-in-5” plan is designed to instill the good habits that will lead to optimum health benefits. Readers will learn how to get in shape with 10-minute workouts, reprogram the way they react to stress, and more. “Owner’s Manual Tips” give specific ways to apply the material to real life. Our bodies are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” With the help of Body by God, readers will learn how to achieve the highest level of performance from God’s handiwork.

The Genesis Factor

INCLUDING: THE GENESIS CHALLENGE Gensis Factor book30 Day Meal Plan – delicious meal plans, recipes, shopping guide, and “what to eat” list

The good news is, no matter where you are with your health today, you can be made new – or “newer” by tapping in to the Genesis Factor. In this program, we’re going to reveal to you the best, EASIEST, AND FASTEST possible ways to maximize fitness, optimize leanness, and eat right for your hormones – all as an essential plan to upgrade and/or restore wellness.

RUN FOR HOPE: Training plans to go from the couch to a 5K, 10K, ½ marathon, or marathon in as little as 6 weeks!

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34 Million

34 MillionIn 2012, hundreds of doctors with a vision to give the world a healthcare system that creates health and prevents unnecessary suffering were united behind a momentous event:  The Olympics.  These doctors dedicated their lives to this mission, training day after day to make an impact that reaches far beyond industry standards and expectations.  This film documents the journey from their hometowns to the world’s greatest stage.  Join them in the mission to see that every individual knows true health and reaches their full potential.

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Extreme Makeover God’s Way Workbook

Extreme Makeover God's Way WorkbookGod programmed you to look great, have outrageous health, and experience incredible happiness. The Extreme Makeover Program will give you the tools you need to start experiencing a complete makeover-body, mind, and spirit-in only 40 days. Don’t let the title fool you, the Extreme Makeover Program isn’t hard, it’s thorough. As you start using the program, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make dramatic progress in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and time management. The key is the one-percent solution: by getting just one-percent better for God each day in these areas, at the end of 40 days you’ll be 40 percent better for God.

Every day through all of the amazing materials in this book, Dr. Ben will be with you every step of the way, showing you how to compound success, one percent at a time. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  1. The Four Rules of Olympic Success.
  2. Food by God vs. Food by Man.
  3. Food Combining.
  4. Food Timing: Learn what foods to eat at what time of day to recover from pain and illness and to more easily have the body you want for the long-haul.
  5. Exercise: how to get in the shape of your life, during the commercials, using three-minute body-part routines and workouts that last as little as 10 minutes.
  6. Stress Management: completely reprogram the way you look at and react to the stress in your life.
  7. Time Management: triple or even quadruple the amount of productive time you have so you can find more time for God, your family, your health, and your work.

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Bouncing Back From Pregnancy

Bouncing Back From PregnancyIn Bouncing Back from Pregnancy, you’ll not only learn about fitness after the baby arrives, but also what you can do during your pregnancy to help you bounce back more quickly. Discover for yourself how to: exchange your current eating habits for healthier ones, fit some exercise into your day without expensive gym memberships or large blocks of time, reap the benefits of increased stamina with lower levels of stress, and get back into your favorite dress. No matter how much weight you may have gained, you can get your pre-pregnancy body back – perhaps even a better one! Remember, taking care of yourself is the first step in taking care of your child.

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