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Spanish (Cauliflower) Rice

Rice is a dietary staple the world over, and it comes in a variety of forms. Stay grain-free without getting bored with your current cauliflower rice recipe. (Continue Reading...)

Peanut Butter Pie

Every once in a while, dessert is a must. Don't derail your diet. Try this scrumptious, sugar-free peanut butter pie the next time you crave something sweet. (Continue Reading...)

Chocolate Pudding

Looking for sugar-free chocolate pudding? Here's one of the simplest recipes you will ever encounter, and the end result is absolutely delicious. (Continue Reading...)

Key Lime Cupcakes

The most delicious, nutritious key lime pastry you will ever taste. If you don't try these, you are truly missing out. (Continue Reading...)

Holstein-Style Schnitzel

Filling, hearty and wholesome, this lovely dish will leave your stomach full and your taste buds happy. Make it once and expect to make it again--soon. (Continue Reading...)

Blasted Cauliflower

Vegetable side dishes don't end at steamed vegetables or GMO corn on the cob. This recipe displays yet another way to use one of the most versatile veggies in your kitchen, cauliflower. (Continue Reading...)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

With ingredients that are actually packed with nutrition, you can't really go wrong. This is a new spin on a classic cookie. (Continue Reading...)


Here is yet another tasty treat to tackle your sweet tooth. These cinnamon muffins work for every meal and come in handy as a quick, delicious snack. (Continue Reading...)

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Advanced Workshop: Living to 100


March 24, 2014

Using the 5 Essentials, you can get active now and seize the opportunity of a long, productive life. Adapt your personal culture to transform your life at the Living to 100 workshop!

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Max Life Webinar: The Longevity Diet


April 8, 2014

Join Dr. David Erb as he shares the keys to getting back to basics with natural and easy to follow nutrition plans that help build longevity.

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