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Smoked Salmon Hash

The perfect Sunday breakfast: A mix of different flavors. A rich, creamy texture. And almost no mess to clean up. (Continue Reading...)

Granny Smith Green Smoothie

Your taste buds crave more than sweet, sweet, and more sweet. Today's the day you switch it up and throw them a curve ball. (Continue Reading...)

Delicate Brussels Sprouts Saute

Dislike Brussels sprouts? Not anymore. This special recipe is tasty enough to win over kids--we bet you'll love it, too. (Continue Reading...)

How to Dine Out without Compromising Your Nutrition Plan

You're the master of your plate at home, but eating healthy at a restaurant is more complicated than you may think. Simplify this tricky issue with a few quick pointers. (Continue Reading...)

Protein-Packed Brownies

This recipe is nothing short of amazing. These look and taste just like traditional brownies but are actually nutritious. Make these to share at your next potluck or party. (Continue Reading...)

Chia Seed Pudding

This is a great go-to recipe. It is fabulous because it is raw and contains chia seeds which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. Use this the next time you're looking for a tasty, filling treat on the go. (Continue Reading...)

Grainless Granola

Many have been taught to think of granola as a health food. Unfortunately, most versions are overflowing with sugars and other empty carbohydrates. Though often touted as energy bars, conventional carb-heavy granola sources can sap your energy. Stay awake and alert with our tasty grainless recipe! (Continue Reading...)

Sugar-Free Carrot Cake

A classic recipe that has been updated to a healthy version. It contains no refined flour, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Best of all, it's versatile: It can also be made into cupcakes or mini cupcakes. (Continue Reading...)

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Advanced Workshop: Living to 100


March 24, 2014

Using the 5 Essentials, you can get active now and seize the opportunity of a long, productive life. Adapt your personal culture to transform your life at the Living to 100 workshop!

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Max Life Webinar: The Longevity Diet


April 8, 2014

Join Dr. David Erb as he shares the keys to getting back to basics with natural and easy to follow nutrition plans that help build longevity.

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