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Are You Eating Illegal Produce?

You may be eating the right kinds of food, but are you paying close attention to the chemicals lurking in the nutrition facts? Many so-called health foods are laced with substances that are actually illegal in other parts of the world. (Continue Reading...)

FDA to Ban Lethal Ingredient

The United States has long been mocked as a country of excess girth, and a large portion of that perception has been propped up by shoddy food testing and shady food manufacturing processes. Fortunately, our unhealthy reputation has started to turn a corner, thanks to a single important move. (Continue Reading...)

Direct Link between Obesity and Deadly Form of Cancer

Fat affects more than body image. It inflames your tissues and disrupts your body's hormones. The effects can be devastating and, according to new research, too much fat is a common cause of one of the deadliest forms of cancer. (Continue Reading...)

Massive Medical Study Connects Diabetes to Cancer

A groundbreaking Dutch study has demonstrated a frightening link between two lethal diseases. For anyone doubting the power of lifestyle to influence your health, this research demonstrates the power of healthy choices. (Continue Reading...)

Study Shows Medical Research is Flawed

Medical research groups have been using certain fundamental studies as the foundation of their R&D for years. Recently though, a team of experts determined that these older studies—which have long been treated as fact—are not all they're cracked up to be. (Continue Reading...)

A Cancer Killer's Diet: Small Adjustments, Lasting Payoff

Knowledge is power. Many individuals are simply unaware of the dangers in common foods they consume on a daily basis. With just a little bit of knowledge, small dietary shifts can achieve a lifetime of healthy living. (Continue Reading...)

Off the Mark: This Week in Health Headlines

Week in and week out, the news overflows with stories about the latest in health. Here's a collection of some of the past week's biggest news in health care. (Continue Reading...)

NFL Alumni Association Announces Premier Relationship With Maximized Living

In another groundbreaking move for true health care, Maximized Living has officially partner with the NFL Alumni Association. See what NFL veterans had to say about their newest partnership (including one former All-Pro). (Continue Reading...)

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Advanced Workshop: Living to 100


March 24, 2014

Using the 5 Essentials, you can get active now and seize the opportunity of a long, productive life. Adapt your personal culture to transform your life at the Living to 100 workshop!

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Max Life Webinar: The Longevity Diet


April 8, 2014

Join Dr. David Erb as he shares the keys to getting back to basics with natural and easy to follow nutrition plans that help build longevity.

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