Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes and Supplies

Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes and Supplies


There are several reasons why a clean home is beneficial to your health. Often the air quality outside is less polluted than inside your own home no matter how clean it may seem. The poor air quality is attributed to many of the common household cleaners and air fresheners that we use that contain harsh chemicals that are toxic to healthy air quality and our bodies.

Using homemade non-toxic cleaners not only keep the air cleaner but are safer for pets and children. Just think of how many warning labels are on the products you use! It’s nearly impossible to not breathe the fumes. The benefit of making your own cleaners is that you know what is actually in the product you are using and it is much cheaper than the commercial non-toxic green cleaners available today.

Many traditional household cleaners also play a vital role in our environment by their effect on both the air and water quality of our outdoor environment. These popular non-toxic spring cleaning recipes are not only easy to make and smell great but they will save you money too!


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